Infrared Inspection Video

Utility bills a ripe target for savings
Small steps and larger projects can shave a healthy chunk off the power bill, experts say.

By TERRY McCONN of the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin -- When it comes to saving money, conserving electricity can produce powerful dividends. Twenty to 30 percent off your monthly bill, experts say. Some savings measures are common sense -- and simple as flipping off a switch. Others require structural investments to homes or other buildings. But pennies can quickly add up to dollars, local representatives said. ...

...Residents generally are aware they can save money by turning off lights and adjusting thermostats. But these days, hidden in our homes are contemporary power-suckers that invisibly drain pocketbooks...

...installing energy-efficient windows and adding insulation are extremely effective ways to reduce energy costs. At least one company in the area offers a thermographic inspection, through which an infrared camera reveals where energy loss is occurring in your home.

It all adds up to dollars and sense, Clemens added, particularly if you're refurbishing an older home.

"There can be significant savings," he said. "There could be a big impact."